Staff Member: Fr. Ted Dudzinski

Fr. Ted Dudzinski

Phone: 765-463-5733 X 101

Favorite Saints: "St. Peter and St. Paul, the pillars of our faith. I identify with St. Peter because every time I think I have the Christian life figured out, I realize I don't. With St. Paul, I am attracted to his zeal and love for Jesus, the Church and souls. Both were willing to give their lives for the Gospel."

After Hours: "I like spending time with family and friends, enjoying the great outdoors, and cruising with the top down in my Jeep."

Where I've Been: "I have been blessed with so many travel opportunities, it's hard to pick a favorite. Number one would be the Holy Land and walking where Jesus walked. Number two is Prague, Czech Republic. It is a beautiful old city, rich in history and amazing architecture, with many beautiful churches."

"I consider being here with my faith family pure joy! I love every opportunity to spend time together in prayer, worship, study, sacrifice, generosity, service, evangelization... and play. My heart is full of gratitude in being here."

Photo of Fr. Ted Dudzinski