Staff Member: Dcn. Mike Mescall

Dcn. Mike Mescall

Phone: 765-463-5733 X 304

Favorite Devotion: "I find great peace when I can spend quiet time before the Blessed Sacrament. These are moments of intimate conversation with God where I try very hard to do less talking and more listening for that gentle whisper of Christ present."

After Hours: "When I am fortunate enough to find the time, I enjoy woodworking in my garage or spending an afternoon on the golf course, no matter how poorly I play."

"Everyone at this parish has been very kind and accepting of me and my wife, Jackie. I find that many people are comfortable and willing to share their thoughts on prayer, scripture and spiritual life. These conversations serve to make us a true faith community when we allow our spirituality shine through in our lives."

Photo of Dcn. Mike Mescall