The Way

"A parish is changed when people are changed." — Fr. James Mallon

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Invitational Church
-The first step on the path which simply means we invite others
-This is not a program or ministry, but a mindset
-Being invitational is attitude change towards those on the outside of the Church & a culture change on  the inside of the Church. (Inviting becomes second nature)

-Non-threatening, fresh way to explore the Gospel
-7 week build up to a retreat with a 3 week follow up
-Everyone is invited: Cradle Catholics, Converts, people of different faiths or no faith
-Typical ALPHA night includes: a meal, video or talk & a small group discussion
-ALPHA is used as a way “on board” people into the life of discipleship

-Inviting individuals who have been through ALPHA to come back on team: Table Host or helper, Hospitality, Arts and Environment, Kitchen, Childcare, etc.
-We desire ALPHA team training to impact all ministries at our parish
-ALPHA team is only for a period of time as you move to another ministry after

Connect Group
-Christian House Party led by 4 lay leaders
-Group of 20-30 people who have attended ALPHA
-Gather in someone’s home, share in a potluck, listen to a testimony of one of the members of the group, share in small groups and pray
-No commitment, come when you can
-New connect groups are formed when we have identified, called for and equipped new leaders
-“If it’s not highlight of your 2 weeks, you’re doing it wrong.”

-After ALPHA & serving on ALPHA team you are encouraged to join in a ministry by using your God-given time and talents
-Connect group leaders help to identify these talents
-Our hope is that every parishioner will be involved in at least one ministry, that they will grow in that ministry into a leadership role, ultimately leading them to apprentice another individual

Discipleship Groups
-Adult Faith Formation opportunity
-Groups range from 4-12 people
-Approximately 4-6 weeks in length

-The Eucharist is the ‘source and summit of the Christian life.’ (Vatican 2)
-When we are evangelized and in a discipleship process, seeing, experiencing and serving community, worship, especially the Mass, will come to life.
-We offer a variety of music styles during the Masses: Choir (5:30 PM), Traditional (8:00 AM) & Praise Band (11:00 AM)

-Going out to spread the Good News
-Sharing your faith story with others
-The parish culture will change when it’s members have an encounter with Christ, are filled with the Holy Spirit and are ultimately transformed from “The Way.”